Modern-Day Gang Stalking Defined

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Modern-Day Gang Stalking Defined


Organized stalking is a silent kill assassination by subtlety. A method of ‘eliminating’ people from society without the public at large knowing the true reason why the person is no longer around. A slow death by assassination from co-conspirators is achieved by a continuous stream of “soft” blows to both the individual’s body and mind as well as his/her environment. Each subtle yet very real assault escapes prosecution by plausible denialibility. Death by subtlety. It kind of reminds of the devil, doesn’t it? Does not the Scripture say that the serpent was more subtle than all other creatures? (Gen 3:1).

state-sponsored terrorist stalking original

We targeted individuals are being murdered one by one while the society in which we live is either ignorant, complacent, or compliant in the disappearance and death of the innocent victims of covert harassment by way of organized stalking.


Hello, my name is Keith Kampschaefer and I am a ‘targeted individual.’ For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term, ‘targeted individual,’ I will try my best to explain in hopes that you can understand the basics of what it means to be a targeted individual, henceforth also referred to as ‘TI’ (Targeted Individual).

Vehicular Stalking

Vehicular Stalking

A targeted individual is a person who has been unwittingly selected for a variety of invasive and violating assaults toward themselves and the environment in which they exist. The targeted individual experiences a barrage of assaults and harassment in psychological, social, physical, and spiritual ways. The relentless stream of persecution comes in the form of intimidation, mockery, provocation, stalking, antagonizing, slandering, tampering, interfering, isolating, and even sabotage and poisoning in some cases. The attacks can come from individuals in the person’s daily life ranging from immediate household members to employees and agents of every conceivable sector and organization of society. The reasons some of these TI’s are harassed varies, but some are whistleblowers, dissidents, activists, ex-members, ex-employees, ex-spouses, real estate holders, inheritors, or simply unwanted “undesirables” disenfranchised from society’s status quo, just to name a few.

The systematic persecution and harassment that is used against targeted individuals is most commonly referred to as organized stalking or gang stalking. To explain exactly what modern-day gang stalking is in so few words is nearly impossible due to the complexity, depth, and range of the elements that make up the whole. But in so few words, suffice it to say that in the shadow of the Nazi police state and the cooperation of many naive ‘citizen informants,’ this modern-day, community-based bullying and intimidation is the oppression of the unseen hand of corrupted governments and evidence of a collapsing society.


Modern day gang stalking (organized stalking) IS NOT a group of switch-blade wielding, bandana-wearing misfits of society shaking up a well-to-do couple who took the wrong turn near the ghetto. Quite the contrary, organized stalking identifies the ‘target’ (a falsely accused or slandered individual) and uses ‘no-touch intimidation’ to break the person’s psyche.

The program involves a multi-layered and multifaceted psychological and physical assault against the TI and his/her environment. It is also commonly referred to as covert stalking or covert harassment and is essentially a secret civilian mob under the direction and coercion of government agencies, primarily law enforcement and intelligence agencies as well as military. Neighborhood watch groups have essentially become secret societies of self-deputized, power-hungry vigilante forces craving for an opportunity to escape their own insecurity by oppressing others.

This covert system of cliques, clubs, and councils has marshalled themselves as some kind of vigilante force to drive these TARGETED INDIVIDUALS from society by a secret onslaught of psychological and physical attack that is just superficial enough to maintain the modicum of plausible deniability.

Yet, this very real and exhaustive abuse by means of covert harassment and secret persecution by way of stalking, mocking, and sabotage eventually drives the victim to the point of insanity; culminating in incarceration, institutionalization, or suicide. A slow death by assassination from co-conspirators is achieved by a continuous stream of “soft” blows to both the individual’s body and mind as well as his/her environment. Defamation by slander, isolation by rejection, demoralization by bullying, destabilization by unemployment, and despair by complete poverty and loneliness. And with the help of very involved covert government agents, a Manchurian candidate of sorts can be triggered to perform an act of societal aggression.

And this is where this site begins to intercede for those who are being intentionally isolated for the purpose of ‘disappearing’ them or for the purpose of manipulating them to the point of complete mental slavery and mind control.

If you have never been approached by someone representing themselves as a neighborhood watch agent or community organizer, please remember this message you have just read and consider that the person or persons trying to recruit you into their gang may very well be involved in criminal gang stalking.

These community-based networks of predatory gang stalking are cults and practice many forms of sorcery and witchcraft as well as satanic rituals. Once a person becomes involved with organized stalking and is made aware of their secrets, it is frighteningly difficult to get out of the cult. Once you know the dirty little secret, you can’t hardly turn away without losing the life you are accustomed to, if not even losing your life altogether.

I hope you will support this site both by way of sharing a link to this site with others as well as your financial support. This organization will be open to scrutiny in financial areas but membership information will always be kept to the highest level of confidentiality according to the wishes of each participant.

Thank you very much for your interest and be cautious in these troubling  and trying times.


Keith Kampschaefer


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