Shielding Tip – Tinnitus Frequency Interrupter

For those targeted individuals or other persons who may not yet realize what is going on with the electronic frequencies assaulting humanity, there may be an easy, affordable, and not so inconvenient method of reducing the tinnitus ringing you may be experiencing to a manageable level.

As an activist (blogger/writer) trying to add my two cents worth to the conversation of organized stalking and electronic harassment, I’ve tried several Internet broadcasting and publishing platforms to try to get the word out.

Several months ago I began a Blogtalkradio© program and wished to talk about various things I am passionate about such as exposing gang stalking, false teachings in spiritual doctrines, and corrupt forces behind the scenes sometimes referred to as shadow governments.

Having no formal training on public speaking or broadcasting, I was for the most being satisfied that the broadcast and recordings were accomplishing what they were intended to do and that is simply to educate people by sharing my experiences, understanding, and insight into events that are relevant and pertinent to our daily lives and futures.

But shortly after beginning the Blogtalkradio series, I began experiencing tinnitus in my head which is a high-pitched ringing in the ear or ears. At first it was fairly mild and was only in one ear. But within a week or two, the intensity had increased as well as the duration and was continually recognizable in both ears.

After a few days, the piercing ring began to chip away at the peace and calm that — all things considered — was normally there in spite of the organized stalking, electronic harassment, and remote neural monitoring I endured on a daily basis. Of course like most of us I’m sure, some days were better or worse than others and except for the occasional unexpected provocation, I felt that I was keeping things on an even keel.

But when the relentless, annoying and noticeably mood-altering tinnitus began pushing me to the point of desperation and even nearing that point of being emotionally and psychologically overwhelmed, I had no choice but to get up and get going to deal with what was happening whatever or however that might happen — or perhaps disappointingly, not happen. But I had to fight it even if I lost.

Trying to think of something to block the sound or frequency from going in my ears was no great discovery as I simply took a couple of emptied and cleaned tin cans of vegetables or chili beans and covered my ears with the two of them. I did make sure there were no sharp edges or burrs left from the removed lid before using them.

As I held the cans up over my ears, I can’t really remember if there was a noticeable difference in the ringing but I do remember tapping on the end of the cans with my fingernails, which produced a rather loud sound within the cans. It was this loud sound, this ‘TING’ and ‘TONG’ that began to make the ringing sound go away.

After holding the cans up to my ears for 30 seconds or so all the while rapping on the cans with my fingertips, I removed the cans from over my ears and the immediate and recognizable relief was enormous. It was as if coming up for a breath of air after being under water longer than preferred.

At this point I was quite satisfied that I had found something to combat the intense periods of discomforting tinnitus and was able for the most part to get back to the norm. However, the norm would not last long as within another week or two, the intensity had ratcheted up another notch or two and it seemed like I was back to nearing that point of desperation again and the tinnitus testing the limits of my sanity.

Again, I didn’t know what I was going to do but something had to be done. I had to take action or allow myself to be driven to the point of insanity by the incessant and imposing ringing in the ears. There had to be a way to use the cans as a shield for a somewhat continual defense mechanism.

Wah-lah! I just happened to glance over a bag of rubber bands I had on a lower shelf of my computer desk. What if I could fashion an elastic cord between the two cans that would hold the cans pressing properly against the side of my head and covering the ears? Before you know it, I had taken a handful of the rubber bands and had a tinnitus shield that I could wear periodically in a hands-free mode, allowing me to work around the house, write for my blogs, or post comments to my Facebook Page and Group.

I was so pleased with the way the cans were held in place and how easy and cheap they were to make, I took a number of photographs showing the assembly details and published the Tinnitus Frequency Interrupter gizmo or gadget on my blogs.

But would you know it, “they” still had more volume left on the intensity knob. Not only were they using the tinnitus to cause intense anxiety and aggravation, I suspect the frequency wave was carrying a mood-altering signal to make me drop-dead tired. The fatigue was so intense, that after an hour of fighting to stay away and not lay down, I realized all I was doing was fighting to stay awake and nothing else. I couldn’t think, couldn’t write, couldn’t even watch a Youtube video without missing half the message.

To get to the point, there needed to be a design feature that could create noise on demand, a way to interject the overriding noise that breaks up the sound of the ringing. A simple solution! I placed a small cylindrical battery, AAA size, in each of the cans before placing them over my ears. The batteries would occasionally roll back and forth in the can causing a continual interruption of the tinnitus ring. And if the tinnitus began to be noticeably intense, I could shake my head just a bit to the left or right to create more noise.

I’ve since adjusted to the tinnitus myself to a greater tolerance but if the ringing ever gets to bothering me too much, I simply put the cans over my ears with the batteries in them and in about 10 to 20 minutes, I can remove them having refreshed and recharged my sanity.

Below, you’ll find a slide show that demonstrates how simple it is to create a Tinnitus Frequency Interrupter of your own.

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