Stalking Tactic: ‘Media Cloaking’

•—• Tactic: ‘MEDIA CLOAKING’ •—•

I’ve termed this organized stalking tactic, ‘MEDIA CLOAKING’ not really knowing exactly what to call it. I know that many of you are being assaulted by this subtle form of psychological harassment. ‘Media cloaking’ is defined as: A cloaked or veiled message targeting an individual delivered via the media.

“Organized gang stalking includes many forms of harassment and psychological intimidation. One tactic is ‘media cloaking’ where a veiled threat is made by a “gang” associate that obscures the trail to the actual source of the threat as well as creating plausible deniability by its subtle nature. This is being done to activist, dissidents, and ‘PROTEST’ants.” — Keith Kampschaefer

You might get a better understanding of what this is by reading my article: I obviously can’t be sure on these interpretation but I’ll stand before God and say that THE TACTIC exist.


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