Monarch Chapter 7: Greenham Common Microwave Attacks

PHASR_RifleDirected Energy Weapons were used in large-scale military applications in the Iraq war. This video provides a concise summary of how, why, and when these weapons are used as well as what effect they have on the target, whether human or object.

One very compelling and even disturbing segment of the video has Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfield and US Army General Richard Myers stumbling all over themselves, pulling shirt collars, stuttering, and pulling back on things they’re about to say in an obviously uncomfortable response to a journalists question:

JOURNALIST: Mr. Secretary, can I ask you a question about some of the technology that you’re developing to fight the war on terrorists, specifically directed energy and high-powered microwave technology? Do you — when do you envision that you can weaponize that type of technology?

DONALD RUMSFELD: Goodness, it is in — for the most part, the kinds of things you’re talking about are in varying early stages. Do you want to — do you have anything you would add?

GEN. RICHARD MYERS: I don’t think I would add much. I think they are in early stages and probably not ready for employment at this point.

DONALD RUMSFELD: In the normal order of things, when you invest in research and development and begin a developmental project, you don’t have any intention or expectations that one would use it. On the other hand, the real world intervenes from time to time, and you reach in there and take something out that is still in a developmental stage, and you might use it. So the — your question’s not answerable. It is — it depends on what happens in the future and how well things move along the track and whether or not someone feels it’s appropriate to reach into a development stage and see if something might be useful, as was the case with the unmanned aerial vehicles.

JOURNALIST: But you sound like you’re willing to experiment with it.

GEN. RICHARD MYERS: Yeah, I think that’s the point. And I think — and it’s — we have, I think, from the beginning of this conflict — I think General Franks has been very open to looking at new things, if there are new things available, and has been willing to put them into the fight, even before they’ve been fully wrung out. And I think that’s — not referring to these particular cases of directed energy or high-powered microwave, but sure. And we will continue to do that.


Active_Denial_System_Humvee“Active Denial System Humvee”. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –

A directed-energy weapon (DEW) emits highly focused energy, transferring that energy to a target to damage it.

Potential applications of this technology include anti-personnel weapon systems, potential missile defense system, and the disabling of lightly armored vehicles such as cars, drones, jet skis, and electronic devices such as mobile phones.Source: Wikipedia


Monarch Chapter 7: Greenham Common Microwave Attacks
Video by Marshall Gregory Thomas



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