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Official Launch Date January 2, 2016

ACTIVE TI Coalition team members have co-guardians and have agreed to communicate with each other at whatever interval they feel comfortable with. The Co-guardian teams have a primary guardian team member who communicates with the ACTIVE TI Coalition and responds to the once per month ‘ping reminder’ simply by hitting reply and send on the received ’email ping’ sent from the Registry.


Explanations and definitions

1. Team no.: Positional number of registrant on table to facilitate the ease in finding members. (Back to table)

2. Name: Your full name or first name and last initial will be published here. We encourage you to select the ‘activist option’ use full name on the registration form. (Back to table)

3. Unique ID: Your city and state will be published here. If you live in a small town, you may want to use your county as the city.(Back to table)

4. TI#: Sequential number applied to registrant and according to order of registration as much as possible. This would be the official membership number. (Back to table)

5. Ping Sent: Prior to the first of the month, a reminder ‘ping’ will be sent out to each team or individual membership requiring a simple 2-click, reply and send process. (Back to table)

6. Past due period: This column will be marked with a check mark to indicate that the Registry did receive a ‘ping’ back from the registry member confirming that the team or individual was capable of responding to the ‘ping’ message. (Back to table)

7. Days since ‘ping sent’: If a team or membership is unable to return the reminder ‘ping’ by the alert date, the number of days past since the reminder ping was sent out will be shown here. (Back to table)

8. Status: If the Registry has received and acknowledging ‘ping’ back from the team or membership, this box will be include, OK or ACTIVE ALERT and shaded in Red to indicate that this team or membership may be in distress and is unable to reply to the ‘sent ping.’(Back to table)

9. Watch list: If the Coalition has not received a status update from a an individual member or team member by their ping frequency date, the individual or team is put on the watch list until they are verified to be safe. (Back to table)

10. Auburn alert: If a member or team is unsuccessful in making contact with the Coalition before their grace period, and several email messages and phone calls have been sent out as well as inquiries to those who may be an acquaintance of the members, their team membership is put on AUBURN ALERT status. The membership will remain on auburn alert until the status of the team members can be determined. (Back to table)