6. Registration Instructions and General Guidelines

ACTIVE TI Sign Up Form Instructions

18 Steps to becoming an ACTIVE TI WARRIOR!

Registration Form Summary

  • Entries
    1. FIRST AND LAST NAME: (required)
    2. STATEMENT OF ACTIVISM: Publish full name. (suggested)
    3. EMAIL ADDRESS (private): required but never shared without your permission.
    4. PHONE NUMBER (private): highly recommended but never shared without your permission.
    5. CITY or COUNTY and STATE: Where you are most likely to be living.
    6. BASIC DESCRIPTION OF ASSAULTS: Exa: stalking, electronic harassment, RNM, V2K, tinnitus.
    7. MEMBERSHIP TYPE: 3 choices: Co-guardian Team, Seeking Co-guardian, Solitary membership
    8. OPTION FOR “OFFLINE TI”: choose option 2 – primary co-guardian.
    9. NAME OF CO-GUARDIAN: (or disregard)
    10. STATEMENT OF ACTIVISM (Co-guardian) or disregard
    11. EMAIL or PHONE OF CO-GUARDIAN: (or disregard)
    12. CITY or COUNTY and STATE of CO-GUARDIAN: (or disregard)
    13. PING SENT/PING BACK AGREEMENT: the email communications required for Awareness.
    14. CO-GUARDIAN AGREEMENT: You will notify the Registry if something were to happen to your Co-guardian.
    16. TERMS OF USE AGREEMENT: (the Terms of Use explain how the ACTIVE TI Registry works.)
    17. STATEMENT OF INTEGRITY: (Gang stalking is a crime punishable by law and violators will be prosecuted.)
    18. SUBMIT YOUR REGISTRATION. (last step).


Registration Form Details

1. FIRST AND LAST NAME (Required) • All members are required to use their real first name and real last name to sign up to the Registry. The ACTIVE TI member’s names will be seen on the public registry with the options of showing ‘full name’ or ‘first name and last initial.’ We encourage members to use their full name on the Registry as a statement of activism. Simply select the option to: Publish full name.

Publish full name
Publish first name and last initial

3. EMAIL ADDRESS • All members are required to submit their email address when signing up for the Registry. Your email address is your unique sign-up identifier and distinguishes you from all others on earth as there can be no two email addresses identical for the system to function properly. Your email will be kept private and never shared with others unless you have given permission for another member to have it in order to contact you.

3a. EMAIL PING • Your email address is the first line of communication between the ACTIVE TI Coalition Registry and the Individual members and membership Teams. Once per month, each team or individual membership will receive a ‘STATUS PING’ which is an email message requiring your acknowledgement of receipt. By simply selecting, REPLY and SEND, this confirms your EXISTENCE in that you are at least in a position where you are able to verify your ‘livelihood’ by replying to the STATUS PING. This also serves as an easy, “no frills, no spills” reminder to check in with the ACTIVE TI Registry once a month. A time limit of 3 days is required for all ‘STATUS PINGS’ to be returned. This 3 day period is called the PING ZONE and you might say, all who PING BACK after receiving the PING SENT within the 3 day PING ZONE are ‘IN THE ZONE,’ that is, they are on time and accounted for.

3b. ACTIVE NOTICE • The STATUS PING is identified on the ACTIVE TI Registry as ‘Ping Sent.’ Your reply to the PING SENT is also a PING BACK to the Registry and is identified on the Registry as ‘Ping Back.’ If your PING BACK is not received within the PING ZONE, the Team or Member is raised to a concern level called ACTIVE NOTICE. This 2 day phase begins with a second PING being sent to the unreported member(s) followed by ACTIVE TI Coalition members stepping into ACTION and calling around and searching around for the unreported Team or Member who is on ACTIVE NOTICE.

3c. ACTIVE ALERT • If the ACTIVE TI Team or Member has not been heard from after within 5 days from the first PING SENT, an ACTIVE ALERT is raised and the Team or Membership is flagged on the public Registry as a MISSING PERSON(S) alert. The appropriate authorities are called such as the police, local hospitals and psychiatric facilities, homeless shelters, churches, or other possible sources of information on the person’s whereabouts and welfare. The missing member(s) will remain on ACTIVE ALERT until they are found to be accounted for and in a reasonably safe environment. Hospitals, psychiatric institutions, and incarceration facilities are not necessarily safe places for targeted individuals and an ACTIVE ALERT may not be cancelled until a TI of sound mind and/or health is released in these cases.

3d. ACTIVE MEMORIAL • In the distressing and disheartening case of an ACTIVE TI member losing their life, their name will be memorialized on the ACTIVE TI website and cause of death will be listed as victim of organized stalking and electronic harassment — regardless of age. We have all lost years as a result of this onslaught against our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. No Targeted Individual has ever died of natural causes. Should we have this so prominently identified? Consider this. The criminal stalking syndicate that is trying to kill us does not want the number of deaths by their hands to be known. But we say we will not let a single death go unnoticed.

4. PHONE NUMBER (Private) • Your telephone number is optional but is very important to the overall effectiveness and success of the ACTIVE TI Awareness Coalition. Your phone number will never be shared with another party without your permission but were you to forget to PING BACK or were unable to, the Registry would quickly determine your status if your phone number were available. It may also facilitate the communication between the ACTIVE Registry and yourself and provide valuable assistance in searching for a missing Coalition member. And were you to seemingly “drop off the radar” so to speak, your phone number could provide additional details that may expedite your rescue and recovery.

5. CITY or COUNTY and STATE • All registrants are required to share their approximate location by stating the City or County and State they are most likely to be living in. This information will be public and will help promote TI groups for support, companionship, activism, etc. and is essential information should an ACTIVE ALERT (missing person) be declared for you.

6. TYPE OF ASSAULTS AGAINST YOU • Please describe or define the general type(s) of assaults against you. For example: bullying, physical stalking, street theater, electronic assault, noise harassment, V2K, gaslighting. This is basic information that most targeted individuals are able to briefly articulate and will help “like-suffering” TI’s find others who better understand their circumstances.

7. MEMBERSHIP TYPE • (Required)
Registration choice
7a. Co-guardianship (2-person team) – You and a trusted friend have agreed to join.
7b. Individual membership needing co-guardian – You want to join and find a trusted friend.
7c. Solitary membership (not interested in co-guardian) – You prefer a solitary membership.

7a. CO-GUARDIANSHIP • ACTIVE TI Coalition team members have co-guardians and have agreed to communicate with each other at whatever interval they feel comfortable with. The Co-guardian teams have the option to have a primary guardian team member who communicates with the ACTIVE TI Coalition on behalf of themselves and their Teammate and responds to the once per month ‘ping reminder’ simply by hitting reply and send on the received ’email ping’ sent from the Registry. If you (Registrant) already have a trusted friend as your co-guardian and have agreed to be aware of each other’s welfare by periodic correspondence, and want to be a part of the ACTIVE TI Awareness Coalition, this is the option you should select. For an “offline member” who may not have access to an email account, a Co-guardian is designated as the ‘primary’ team-member who will be the recipient of the monthly ‘status ping’ or PING SENT. Both members of the Team will receive the monthly PING SENT unless a member has no email address. In this case, the Primary Co-guardian will register both team members at sign-up time. The primary Co-guardian must include a phone number instead of an email address for the Secondary “offline” Co-guardian. This ensures that there is a way to contact both members should circumstances require. A Terms of Use Agreement as well as other necessary communications will be provided to the “offline member” by whatever method is suitable.

7b. INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP NEEDING CO-GUARDIAN • ACTIVE TI Coalition non-team members who do not have co-guardians but seeing the value and increased strength and safety the co-guardianship teams provide, are interested in finding sincere, trustworthy, and dependable fellow targeted individuals who are also looking for the same. Until these individual members of the ACTIVE TI Coalition find a comfortable match and friendly mate, each individual member will receive the once per month ‘ping reminder’ and will be responsible for his or herself to let the Registry know that he/she is okay. When the ‘ping reminder’ is received by the individual member, they simply hit reply and send on the received ’email ping’ sent from the Registry and we know the member is at least in a position to reply to the message.

7c. SOLITARY MEMBERSHIP • This membership choice is for individual members who prefer not to have a co-guardian for any number of valid reasons. Perhaps the targeted individual is rather introverted and doesn’t necessarily care to correspond with other TI’s or then again, maybe the TI has chosen not to risk being “perped” by yet another stalker masquerading as a targeted individual. There are a number of other reasons including a few that are advantageous to the stalkers which is why those who register for the non co-guardian registry should not in most cases be requesting contact information from other TI’s in an attempt to develop a one-to-one relationship or co-guardianship.

If a member of the ACTIVE TI Solitary Registry does become interested in having the additional support and awareness a Coalition Co-guardian provides, there is a process where the member on this registry could be vetted, screened, and approved to be moved to the Registry of individuals seeking a co-guardian.

By being on the “seeking co-guardian” registry, this tells the ACTIVE TI members that you are interested in “buddying up” with another TI. The advantages and benefits of having a guardian are numerous and those reasons are discussed on ACTIVE TI website as well as in phone conferences and fellowships.

Once two targeted individuals have agreed to a guardianship team, they will be moved to the Team Registry.

But for those who feel comfortable having a solitary membership, you are just as much a part of the ACTIVE TI Registry as any other member. You also will receive a monthly ‘ping reminder’ in which you are required to respond to let the ACTIVE TI Awareness Coalition know that you still exist in an environment where you are able to receive an email message, the monthly ‘ping,’ and simply hit, reply and send to confirm your existence.

10a. My Co-guardian has email access to receive a monthly PING SENT. (see 7a.)
10b. I will be a primary co-guardian receiving PING SENT on my co-guardian’s behalf. (see 7a.)
10c. I do not have a co-guardian according to Membership Type selected above. (see 7b. or 7c.)

9. FULL NAME OF CO-GUARDIAN (or disregard) • If you have a co-applicant (team-member/co-guardian), enter their full name here. If you have not selected the CO-GUARDIAN MEMBERSHIP, disregard this entry box.

10. STATEMENT OF ACTIVISM Co-guardian (or disregard)
❍ Publish full name
❍ Publish first name and last initial

11. EMAIL or PHONE of Co-guardian (never public) or disregard • All Primary Co-guardians are required to submit the Phone Number of their Co-guardian if no email address is available. This applies to Team memberships where the Secondary Co-guardian is an “offline member” and will not be receiving a monthly PING SENT because of no Internet access. However, it does ensures that the Registry is able to communicate with both Members either by email or by phone should the need arise. Disregard if you have not selected the Co-guardian membership. Disregarding this entry does not mean you refuse to have a co-guardian, only that you don’t yet have one and are seeking one or that you have chosen the Solitary membership.

12. CITY or COUNTY and STATE of Co-guardian • All co-guardians are required to share their approximate location by stating the City or County and State they are most likely to be living in. (see 6. Above) (disregard if no co-applicant)

Check box if you agree to email the registry once a month of your EXISTENCE. A ‘ping’ email will be sent once a month to you and/or if applicable, your primary team guardian requiring only a ‘ping’ back or, … reply/send. (Required)

Does your co-guardian agree to inform ACTIVE TI registry of your EXISTENCE should you be unable to? (disregard if no co-applicant)

When the Co-guardian Membership or 2-person Team membership is registered, the Team may have a primary Co-guardian who is responsible for receiving the PING SENT and replying with a PING BACK. If the Primary Co-guardian is, for whatever reason, unable to respond to the PING SENT, the Secondary is responsible for informing the Registry of a change in circumstances with your Co-guardian as well as yourself. (see 7a. above for more information)

Check box if you understand that ACTIVE TI registry is a voluntary participation and that you or any other have a right to leave the ACTIVE TI Coalition at any time but will inform ACTIVE TI that you are leaving to prevent alarming officials of what may be perceived as your disappearance?

The awareness and recognition of each and every ACTIVE TI Coalition member is a foundational element and core principle of the ACTIVE TI Registry project. We must take the disappearance and death of Targeted Individuals very seriously and not minimize or neglect the seriousness of any unreported Member of the Coalition. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each and every Member to take seriously their role in the functionality of the overall system and be not negligent but timely correspondence between the Registry and yourself. Timely PING BACKS are critical to the effectiveness of the AWARENESS COALITION and failure to send PING BACKS for complacency or forgetfulness cannot be permitted. In the event that any member wishes to leave the leave the ACTIVE TI Registry, it is mandatory that the ACTIVE TI Registry be notified of any exit or departure from the Coalition Registry. If someone does simply abandon their membership when they have the ability and wherewithal to inform the Registry that they will no longer require a STATUS PING to verify their EXISTENCE and welfare, they may be held responsible for a false missing persons report. Therefore, to prevent the ACTIVE TI Registry from reporting a member as a missing person, all Members agree to notify the Registry if they are cancelling their Membership.

We all can forget things occasionally and circumstances are certainly unpredictable for all Targeted Individuals, so we expect there will be some who accidentally or inadvertently fail to reply to the PING SENT. But if a Team or Membership is has been issued an ACTIVE NOTICE 4 times within a 1 year period due to negligence, they will be asked to leave the Registry and their membership will be cancelled.

TERMS OF USE: I have read the Terms Of Use and agree to these Terms.(required)
All Terms, Rules, and Regulations are Subject to Change Without Notice

17. STATEMENT OF INTEGRITY: (Gang stalking is a crime punishable by law and violators will be prosecuted.)
By checking box, and speaking only for yourself, you declare truthfully and without contempt for the Law that you are not involved in any criminal activity, covert stalking, secret council, club, group, or society; any deception or malintent; are using no weapons against any human or their environment; and are not being paid, influenced, controlled, or coerced by any individual, group, network, agency, government, or institution to observe, harass, stalk, target, or commit any crime against another individual.(required)

ACTIVE TI Terms of Use, guidelines, and requirements are subject to change without notice. You understand that you required to adjust and/or adapt to changes in the ACTIVE TI Registry system as you become aware of these changes.

Any questions, comments, or concerns can be emailed to Registry@activeTI.org.

ACTIVE TI REGISTRY SIGN UP contact active ti coalition

1. Introduction2. Learn More4. Registry5. Memorial

Email Confirmation similar to this format will be sent to registrants.

Registration Confirmation



Thank you and Congratulations!

You have now joined the ACTIVE TI Awareness Coalition and Registry and have become a part of a growing number of Targeted Individuals taking action to defend against Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment and bring awareness to this crime against humanity.


Your registrations has been received and will be processed within 24 to 48 hours.

If further information is required or needs clarification, please watch for a followup message and allow for additional processing time.

Required information to process registrations are:

    • FIRST AND LAST NAME: (First name and full last name required with option to publish only last initial.)
    • CITY or COUNTY and STATE: (must have state and city or county of state to process registration)
    • MEMBERSHIP TYPE: 3 choices: Co-guardian Team, Seeking Co-guardian, Solitary membership
    • NAME OF CO-GUARDIAN: (if Team membership)
    • EMAIL or PHONE OF CO-GUARDIAN: (if Team membership)
    • TERMS OF USE AGREEMENT: (check box)
    • STATEMENT OF INTEGRITY: (check box)

If you have provided the required information, you will receive a message informing you that you are now officially an ACTIVE TI and your membership is included with many other ACTIVE TI’s on the public registry.

4a. Registry – Co-guardian teams
4b. Registry – Individuals seeking co-guardian
4c. Registry – Individuals – non co-guardian

If you need to make a change in your Membership status, go to PING BACK or Membership Status Change.