Recognizing the Targeted Individuals who have died…

and remembering those who were slain in the battle of good vs. evil. Perhaps a better system of awareness could have prevented some of these from dying prematurely. These are some of the more recognized names within the “community.”

There are many more yet compiled and untold thousands who have fallen through the cracks who will most likely never be recognized. Consider this truth a motivating factor in joining the A.C.T.I.V.E TI Awareness Coalition if you have not already done so. Your existence is important to us and were you to mysteriously disappear or die suddenly under questionable circumstances, WE WANT TO KNOW WHY and will demand answers from those in authority.

This memorial is not exclusive to those who might not be considered a “conventional” TI (targeted individual). John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King are essentially the epitome of ‘targeted individuals’ in its most brutal definition. But in addition to those politicians and humanitarians who were obviously a threat to the global criminal network, there are also whistleblowers, dissidents, activists, journalists, alternative and conspiracy news commentators, scientists, and ex-military or intelligence persons who were or now are targeted individuals.

A significant number are targeted for obvious reasons with the fundamental reason being that they are a threat to the “establishment” while many others are targeted for more domestic reasons or simply being unfortunate, randomly selected individuals chosen for human experimentation or sport.

Financial and material gain is often the primary motive to target ex-spouses, real estate holders, investors, inheritors, and enterprising entrepreneurs and industrialist and then on the other end of the spectrum, there are those who are outcasts, unwanted “undesirables” disenfranchised from society’s status quo. In reality, no one is off-limits and as stated elsewhere, there is not a single soul that is not a potential target save perhaps those at the very top of the global power hierarchy.

If you are aware of someone who has apparently died prematurely of obvious or suspicious causes, please send the name of the deceased to us and be a part of the building of this much-needed memorial.

Please email me at to help me compile this very important record and publication of those who the evil powers of this world have taken from us.

Thank you,
A.C.T.I.V.E. TI Staff

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In Remembrance

Pam Anderson[1]

Aaron Alexis *[2]

Myron May *[3]

Susan Watkins[4]

John Turner[5]

Miriam Carey[6]

Sandra Bland

Paul Walker

Christopher Dorner

Michael Hastings

Andrew Breitbart

Christina Angell[12]

This memorial is in initial development stage. Unfortunately, there are many more names to add.

  • It is unfortunate that several targeted individuals have to be noted separately from others but we must emphasize our condemnation of violence regardless of the circumstances save that of self-defense. Our condolences to those whose lives were affected by the use of violence and ask for your grace and understanding in this memorial. We hope you see that there is a greater force behind all of this that has provoked certain individuals to react or retaliate with an act of aggression, even as we say, ‘that is no excuse!’ We disapprove of violence as any sort of resolution for social ills but also recognize that some of these who have resorted to violence, were in most cases, pushed beyond the breaking point.


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12. Christina Angell (January 2, 1958 – September 27, 2013
Memorial page dedicated by Renata Murray

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